Business Management

Business management services for your company’s local logistic channel strategy development in accordance with your business needs and target audience.

What we provide:

1.    Go-To-Market (GTM) channel strategy development:

•    Evaluating and contacting different GTM channels based on your unique business needs and target consumers (department stores, chain stores, supermarkets, pop-up stores, convenience stores etc.) 
•    Finding the optimal physical location for product sales in Taiwan 
•    Consultations regarding the new store location and related information
•    Assistance with company’s new store premise negotiations with landlords
•    Chinese-English document translation services
•    Lease contract translation and review

2.    E-commerce strategy development consulting:

•    Analysis and evaluation of the optimal e-commerce platform selection for the four biggest e-commerce platforms in Taiwan (MOMO, Shopee, PC-Home, Yahoo).
•    Finding the most suitable e-commerce service providers

3.    Logistics and warehousing:

•    Assistance in matters related to the import of goods, warehousing of goods, logistics arrangements for sales and shipments, and required labeling for goods sold under Taiwan's relevant laws and regulations